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The Pharmacy Sale process can seem like a large undertaking while still running your business.  This is where Pinnacle can help alleviate any unnecessary worry.  We work with you to put together a plan that will maximize the potential value of your business.  Starting with analyzing the business to give us an insight as to any metrics that may need some attention so we can be presenting the business at its highest value.  With our narrow focus on the Pharmacy industry, we are able to have a pulse on what the current market is providing specifically for your business.  Using all of our resources, we provide you with a realistic go to market strategy aimed for effectiveness, while still maintaining the level of confidentiality that you are comfortable with throughout the process. 

What we do?

We start by us requesting information that lets us begin to understand your business. From this we will be able to put together an analysis of the business. 

At this point, having a better understanding of your unique business, we are able to leverage our network to find the right buyers for you.

We work with you throughout the process to ensure a successful and lucrative sale of your business. Providing you with the assistance, support and knowledge needed to execute a seamless transition and achieve your financial goals. We are dedicated and passionate about helping you reach the pinnacle of success in all your ventures, and seeing you through to a bright future. 


1. Data Driven Business Analysis

Pinnacle will provide you with a list of Reports and Data points that will help us understand and communicate your information to potential Buyers.

2. Go to Market Strategy

After evaulating the business, Pinnacle will devise a comprehensive strategy on the right buyers for your business.

3. Due Dilligance and Communication

Keeping you updated throughout the process. Providing you all the information to make sure you are informed when making decisions.

4. Negotiation

Using our experiences and knowledge of current market trends, we are able to negotiate to get you the best deal when selling your business.

5. Closing/Post Merger Integration

Pinnacle works with you all the way to the end of the deal. Providing support and knowledge at a closing or with helping understand the next steps when merging multiple businesses.


Sell Side

Pinnacle can assist you throughout the process to sell your Pharmacy

Buy Side

Pinnacle works with buyers in all Pharmacy settings 


Pinnacle can provide an analysis of your Pharmacy


Pinnacle uses technology to opportunities for our clients 

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