Selling a business is a massive step. It makes sense, then, that you take the time to find the best advisors and consultants to help you through the process. Here is our guide to what makes a good mergers and acquisitions consulting firm, to give you an idea of what you should be looking for when you do your research

What Makes a Good M & A Consultancy Firm?

Industry-specific expertise

You may think that one business transaction is largely the same as the next, but the fact of the matter is that each industry differs greatly. If you are selling a bar or restaurant, you need advisors that have experience operating in that market –the same as when you sell a pharmacy or digital health business, you need a consultancy that knows your sector.

Why is this important? Each industry has its own set of regulations and guidelines, some of which are complex and constantly changing. If your advisers do not know the rules, they cannot give you the type of information that you need. You should also be able to benefit from the contacts that your mergers and acquisitions firm has built up –they will have a list of potential buyers ready for your attention a lot quicker than someone starting from scratch.

Deal experience

Your mergers and acquisitions team should have plenty of experience. There are so many different reasons for transactions to fail, and your consultancy firm should be working constantly to ensure that the process for you is moving as smoothly as possible. Yes –there is always the chance that either the buyer or the seller will pull out of the deal, but the advisors that you hire should minimize that risk.The more experience that your team has, the more likely they are to identify any red flags early on, as well as help you to navigate around some of the more common pitfalls of the M&A process.


M&A activity does not happen overnight. The likelihood is that you will be dealing with your consultant advisors for many months –so make sure that it is not difficult to do so. The lines of communication should be as open as they can be, and your team should keep you apprised of any advances or issues with your transaction in plenty of time for you to react and respond.Look for good client reviews or high satisfaction levels –these will indicate not only transaction success, but also the way that previous clients felt about the experience.

Pinnacle Pharmacy Group

At Pinnacle, we have been involved in mergers and acquisitions specifically in the digital health and pharmacy business sectors for many years. We have dozens of successful transactions under our belts, and a 100% client satisfaction rate, so you can depend on us to give you market-leading help.