Buying a business in any industry can be a minefield – there are so many steps that you need to take to make sure that you have the finances in place, all of your due diligence is handled, and you know you can bring value to the organization that you purchase. One of the best ways to manage this activity is by retaining a dedicated buy-side analyst to assist, particularly when you are searching for the right target for acquisition.

The Advantages of a Retained Buy-Side Search

Industry Focus

Getting a third-party, expert advisor is one thing – what you really need though, is an advisor that has a focus in your particular field. Buying a digital health or pharmacy business is different from many other industry sectors – there are evolving legislative requirements, changing customer demographics and a broad spectrum of other factors that you need to take into account. Retaining the services of a pharmacy/digital health industry mergers and acquisition specialist is the only sure way to make sure that you find the right business for you, at the right time



Your buy-side search is about more than just finding available businesses – you need to work collaboratively to make sure that the consultant you work with is aligned with your goals. Do you have a specific location in mind? A turnover requirement? Is growth potential a priority? You and your buy-side advisor should both be fully appraised of what you need and what your ultimate goals are – many buyers do not have a clear and fully-mapped out plan in place, so your consultant will help you to articulate your requirements.

Reaching out

Once you have identified the businesses that fit your criteria, it is time to reach out to them. This process can take some time, and repeated contacts – you are looking to find out if the owner is ready to sell, and what they would be looking for if they did. Your retained buy-side search consultant will take this burden from you – it’s a process that can require some finesse and expertise, which is where they will excel. Many business owners are more prepared to speak openly with a third party, as they do not feel under pressure to make fast decisions and can communicate their personal goals more fully.

Pinnacle Pharmacy Group

At Pinnacle Pharmacy Group we are dedicated to working with buyers and sellers of pharmacy and digital health companies. This focus lets us excel – we know the market inside and out, we know the regulations, and we know the potential growth drivers that make a business desirable. Get in touch with one of our expert consultants today to discuss our buy-side M & A representation services, and find out more about how we can help to find the perfect company for you.