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Effective decision-making for your business is often fully dependent on the quality of information at your disposal. While many pharmacy and digital health companies will spend thousands of dollars each year on management software or data analytics, all too few are taking advantage of the insight provided through an annual business valuation.

A professionally conducted evaluation is an integral process for any business looking to expand, enter negotiations, or that simply want to better understand their place in the market. At Pinnacle, we’re proud to have provided successful valuations for a vast range of digital healthcare companies. With our combined experience, network and knowledge, we’re committed to providing your company with the information required to unleash its full potential.

The Benefits of a Valuation

Getting an accurate valuation of your business lets you enter any mergers and acquisitions activities with a reasonable sense of what you can expect, what your business is worth, and where you can negotiate. Conducting the valuation process on an annual basis will let you set growth goals, optimize your operations and improve your business value over the long term.

At Pinnacle, we believe that this is one of the most important steps of the mergers and acquisitions process. Our business valuation experts have helped many of our clients to understand the complexities of business valuation, ensuring that any transaction is successful.

The Valuation Process


The valuation process is all-encompassing. We incorporate an accurate analysis of your financial situation, the current state of the market for comparable businesses, as well as in-depth market research to provide you with a figure that indicates the current worth of your business if it was to be placed on the open market as is. Alongside this, we can offer you expert advice and assistance on areas that can be improved on to provide a greater value – and highlight any areas that are negatively affecting your worth.

With this information in hand, you can choose the best time to go to the market or delay so that you can act on our recommendations and advice and improve your market price.

To discuss getting an accurate valuation of your business, or if you have any questions about the valuation process, get in touch with the team at Pinnacle today.

Why Use Pinnacle?

●     Years of experience dedicated to pharmacy and digital health businesses

●     A full valuation of the business, operations, assets, and potential

●     A detailed breakdown of what each part of your business is worth

●     Ongoing support with improving your business valuation

●   Set your expectations for any full or part transaction accurately