Selling a business is not like selling anything else – the process is extremely convoluted, with both sides of the transaction seeking to make sure that key business objectives can be achieved at a price that suits everyone. The sale can often take many months, and can be an intense and complicated activity – here’s why you should use an established mergers and acquisition firm to help you navigate the journey.

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Buyer screening

For many pharmacy or digital health business sellers, the company represents years of hard work and dedication – more often than not, it’s not entirely about the financial compensation attached to the sale (although this is, of course, important), but it is also about making sure that the business continues on after you step down. Whatever you want to see from the business – expansion, continuing with the corporate culture you have established, maintaining employee and customer relationships – using an M & A firm can help you to find the buyer that aligns with your vision.

Know your worth

Prior to entering the transaction market, you need to know the worth of your company. This will prevent you from undervaluing/accepting a low-ball offer, and give you an expectation of what you can achieve through the sale – at the very least you will get a point of reference for negotiations. Your appointed mergers and acquisitions advisory will be able to conduct a professional valuation of your company, assessing factors that include finances, assets, growth plans and comparable businesses in the marketplace.

Take emotion out

As mentioned, the sale of your pharmacy or digital health business can be a deeply personal activity. If you enter into negotiations with strong emotions still invested, then you will likely make missteps – demanding too much in terms of business continuity, for example. The simple fact is, any investor or buyer is looking to take over your business because they think that they can add value to it, which will inevitably mean that they need to make changes. Using an M & A firm can help you to step back from the process: you discuss your goals and requirements for the transaction, and the advisors provide you with strategic planning, negotiating and deal structuring.

Pinnacle Pharmacy Group

We are one of the only mergers and acquisitions companies that are dedicated solely to dealing with pharmacy and digital health businesses. This focus gives us an advantage when we represent you – we have detailed knowledge of the marketplace for these types of companies, an unrivalled understanding of the regulations, finance, demographics and other market factors, and we have the experience and expertise to get the deal done the way you want.